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The Deacons are to be the pastor’s right arm. It is from them that the members are to receive the first line of spiritual support. Their ministry is to help relieve the pastor of many temporal duties in the church. By being in full sympathy with the pastor and becoming a bridge of communication between the pastor and the congregation. They are to ensure that the affairs of the church are kept in the highest form of morality, spirituality and integrity. They are to ensure that the vision and ministry of pastor is carried out with the upmost sincerity and commitment. They are to help guide the church in the ministering of its charities to the poor and sick. They are to help the church make the gospel meet the spiritual and social needs of their fellow man in their daily lives. They are to ensure that the Constitution and By-Laws are adhered to in accordance with the wishes of pastor and church body. They are to conduct themselves in office of a Deacon as prescribed by Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3.

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